BRIO Railway 2011 - Get your ticket to new adventures!

BRIO - February 2011

The BRIO Railway launch continues in 2011 with new exciting themes and products featuring BRIO’s tradition and strength in the wooden railway category with endless play and fresh fuel for young minds. This autumn BRIO extends the passenger train sets and rail and road freight sets with even more reality based, playful products!

New spring products such as the Ferry Ship, Harbor Bridge and the Freight Harbor Set invite for play where water, boats and docking rail tracks add to the fun in the BRIO Rail world which keeps growing. For autumn, the passenger travel theme extends into new territory when BRIO takes the metro into the future. This modern train theme is introduced with the underground train lines that run on ordinary BRIO tracks.


The spring launch introduces 13 brand new BRIO railway items to the world. And one of the biggest news is of course the harbor settings that make the BRIO rail world even more fun! Use the new BRIO Ferry Ship to go over to the Gold Island in the Freight Gold Island Set or build big with the exciting Freight Harbor Set.

The autumn launch introduces an all new train concept in the shape of BRIO’s new metro train line and the Metro railway set. The metro station imitates reality with sliding doors, platform seats for the passengers and an excitingly real train that makes sound and light. The faster you push it the more sound and light your will hear and see. The railway world just got bigger!



The youngest train drivers (2 years +) will also be catered for this autumn. BRIO has created two classic freight train sets with all wooden details. The brand new engine is sleek looking with its strong roots in the heritage trains from 1957. They are fun to play with and easy to grip for small hands and no small parts.

All products launched in spring are:
33049 - Gold Island Set
33061 - Harbor Set
33215 - Freight Battery Train
33567 - Boxcar Train Set
33506 - Travel Battery Operated Train Set
33569 - Ferry Ship
33533 - Harbor Bridge
33561 - Freight Box Car Vehicle
33566 - Dumping Wagon
33562 - Tanker Wagon
33565 - Hay Wagon
33236 - Push and Play Switching Engine
33559 - Car Transporter



All products launched in autumn are:
33028 - Classic Freight Set 2 y +
33010 - Classic Freight Set 2 y +
33571 - Classic Train Pack
33210 - Rail and Road Stone Quarry Set
33513 - Metro Railway Set
33507 - Metro Train
33574 - Train Garage Shed
33572 - Freight Cargo Warehouse
33570 - Freight Semi Truck
33211 - Road T-Switch
33463 - Rail T-Switch
33385 - Railway Ramp and Stop Track
33601 - Train Play Mat