BRANDORA - Overview of the German Licensing Market (by Katja Lux)

BRANDORA Editorial Staff (Katja Lux) - Februar 2014

The year 2014 has just started and is already holding out the promise of countless new top sellers on the German licensing market. Today we want to offer a brief overview of what you are to expect from the upcoming months. Be inspired and stop by at Here you will find daily updates on the latest developments in the world of licensing. If there is any further information you need, feel free to contact

m4e: Happy Birthday KiKANiNCHEN!


This year, KiKANiNCHEN, the multimedia KiKA preschool brand will be five years old. In autumn KiKA will duly celebrate its anniversary. The brand has long established itself on TV, on the market and in the heart of children and parents alike. The latest survey of the Internationales Zentralinstitut für das Jugend- und Bildungsfernsehen (IZI) confirms that Kikaninchen is one of the Top 10 Preschool Characters and also No. 2 Preschool Programme. It’s no wonder that the TV programme KiKANiNCHEN continuously gains significant market share among preschool children. The web portal ranks among the most popular preschool websites on the German internet. And, of course, the licensed products enjoy massive popularity among children, parents and on the German market. KiKANiNCHEN - an absolute confidence brand for its target group. At the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg new licensee Ravensburger introduced dedicated jigsaw puzzles to KiKANiNCHEN and its animal friends. And, of course, Simba Toys will present wooden toys and creative sets under their Eichhorn brand in addition to their bestselling KiKANiNCHEN soft toys. What is more, the following licensing partners will also introduce their KiKANiNCHEN branded products: arsEdition, Carlsen and KV&H, BIG Spielwarenfabrik and p:os handels gmbh. Five new cheerful episodes from the world of KiKANiNCHEN provides the new KiKANiNCHEN DVD “Lass uns gute Freunde sein” (Universal Music Family Entertainment) that has been available on the market since October 2013. It comes with four great music clips as a bonus.

Filly Soars Into 2014 with Filly Butterfly

Dracco, the inventor, developer and manufacturer of top-selling FILLY, is proud to announce the brand's newest line for 2014, Filly Butterfly. Launching at the start of the year with regular releases each season, Filly Butterfly promises to delight and captivate consumers of all ages with colourful, enchanting characters and their beautiful translucent wings. All Filly Butterfly figurines feature at least one Swarovski crystal element and have golden crowns and a velvety-soft flocking. A robust television ad campaign and point-of-sale in-store marketing will introduce consumers to Filly Butterfly, while a strong digital component will allow them to engage with the characters in their magical garden home on Each single-figure foil bag includes an online code for a virtual gift.


He's Tte One and Only, Truly Original, Panther - Pink Panther - From Head to Toes!


…Yes, he really is 50 years old!
Pink Panther – the only animated character ever to receive the Academy Award – this year celebrates his 50th anniversary. On occasion of his special anniversary CPLG has prepared countless promotion and retail activities all over the globe. Be surprised and find out what the pink hero has to offer.
But CPLG is not just all about pink - yellow is also colour of the year. The Simpsons, the (almost) average family from Springfield, celebrate the 25 anniversary of Homer, Bart & Co.. Loyal fans have already received a big gift: Springfield, hometown of the famous family, has come to life at the Universal Resort in Orlando (Florida, USA). Everything’s there – from original food through to dedicated fun rides. However, also the German market experienced a boost of sales with more than 20 licensing partners from different categories. Many different anniversary activities are scheduled for February 2014 - March 2015.
But CPLG has still more to offer: The successful story of the Skylanders is set to be continued. In autumn 2011 ‘Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure’ hit the German market and in next to no time became top seller and Germany’s most successful videogame. In the light of this overwhelming success the continuously high demand for licensed articles is no surprise. More than 125 licensees worldwide are currently working on dedicated products to accompany the Skylanders brand, including Aventures Diffusion, Belltex, Rubies, TV Mania, Topps, BD&A, MegaBloks, IMC, Vivid, Folat, Sakar and many others.

Tabaluga and the Signs of the Times Become an Immersive 360 Degree Experience

In mid 2013 Peter Maffay reacquired all rights to the popular green dragon and founded Tabaluga Enterprises GmbH. Today huge projects to the loveable little green dragon are already in the pipeline. Tabaluga Enterprises plans major international expansion supported by different projects and activities starting with “TABALUGA and the Signs of the Times – An Immersive 360 Degree Experience”.
For the first time Peter Maffay’s #1 album is translated into a 3D animated full dome film for planetariums with a special focus on the time theme, in Kcooperation with „the content dome GmbH“. There are myriad ways to use your time, or just idle away your time, you can devote your time or spend your time and do so much more with it. And of course there still is the question: What is time? Who determines time? But also: When is your time up? Is it possible to freeze time or turn back the clock? Can you buy time for money and what is the actual value of your time?
These are the questions the little green dragon Tabaluga asks. And now he comes to Germany’s planetariums with his answers. Is there any other location more fit to receive the answers to the most essential questions of life?! The immersive 360 degree experience “Tabaluga and the Signs of the Times” makes its debut at the Planetarium Hamburg in spring 2014. Under the large circular dome the audience may enjoy the unique 3D animation in comfortable recliner seats. The whole experience is accompanied by Peter Maffay’s fascinating music in surround sound. In summer 2014 the unforgettable event can be found in other planetariums. For the time being, the event will only be staged in German-speaking countries, but soon the whole world may enjoy the unique experience.
Also worth mentioning is the Peter Maffay Foundation. Thanks to the diversity of values Tabaluga soon became protector and advocate of the weak and role model of the foundation for traumatized children. Thanks to the support of sponsors the foundation creates space and opportunities to meet each other, to learn about values, to overcome prejudices and live together in mutual respect.


SUPER RTL and DreamWorks Animation Enter an Exclusive Licensing Partnership


The licensing agency to the leading children’s TV channel on the German market, SUPER RTL, is happy to announce a new high class addition to their licensing portfolio: After DreamWorks Animation has been delivering content since mid 2013 they will now extend their strategic partnership onto the licensing market. Doing so, SUPER RTL has been able to acquire the marketing rights to properties like “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, “Dragons: Riders of Berk” and countless other new formats.
DreamWorks Animation will soon generate a significant share of sales on the German market for consumer products. Continuously expanding their hit movies by adding dedicated TV series, world’s largest independent animation studio paves unique new but promising ways. A good example of this successful strategy is the series “Dragons: Riders of Berk” which is a spin-off to the blockbuster movie “How to Train Your Dragon”. Being the first format delivered under the new contract with DWA “Dragons: Riders of Berk” made its overwhelming debut in autumn 2013. The show was even best series launch on late afternoons in 2013.
Season 2 is scheduled for broadcast on SUPER RTL in 2014 and – together with the theatrical release of the second movie in summer – prepares a major launch of dedicated products for school start in 2014.
Long-term strategies build on properties like “Turbo” and “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”. And even fans of long-selling characters like “Shrek” get their money’s worth and will definitely enjoy the start of new animated spin-off series.
The show “Turbo F.A.S.T.” to the animated movie “Turbo” will start airing on SUPER RTL in autumn 2014. In 2015 the animation film “B.O.O. (Bureau of Otherwordly Operations)” enters the silver screens in Germany. A spin-off series is already in the pipeline. This story on the cunning B.O.O. agents provides enormous potential for successful licensed products and merchandise.
For SUPER RTL the cooperation with DWA represents a milestone in the development of their licensing portfolio. Together with their licensing and retail partners the German market leader is now able to develop product concepts tailor-made for their diversified target demographic.

Nickelodeon – the Turtles Enter the Second Round

The year 2014 holds additional highlights for the battle-tested turtle brothers. Numerous licensing partners introduce new dedicated products at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Playmates/Stadlbauer, LEGO, Ravensburger and John consider the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to be one of THE hit properties in Germany 2014. Brand new TV episodes go on air in March. Synchronized promotion activities with well-known retail partners are already in the pipeline. In the second half of the year, the movie will cause a big splash.
However, also SpongeBob is still a top-selling property. He is going to be lead character of the Nickelodeon Marketing Campaign for the first six months of 2014. Throughout the year various partners launch new licensed products from different categories, including toys & games, home entertainment, publishing, food & beverages and apparel. In December the Paramount Pictures 3D SpongeBob film with a special appearance of Antonio Banderas will hit the big screens throughout Germany.


Disney – Junior Pilots Love All PLANES Products


After “Planes” captured German theatres by storm last August, the film is available on DVD as well as 2D and 3D high definition blu-ray since January 7. The hilarious animation adventure tells the story of Dusty – a little propeller-driven aircraft with a fear of heights and a big dream: He wants to qualify for the legendary “Wings around the Globe”, world’s most famous air race. The brave little cropduster plane that excels himself and faces countless adventures takes his viewers on a racy, action-driven emotional rollercoaster flight around the world! A sequel to the movie is already in the pipeline and scheduled for release in Germany on 14 August 2014: “Planes 2 – Fire&Rescue” presents a loveable team of elite firefighter planes that has to find their courage to save the historic Piston Peak National Park from a fierce forest fire. In this sequel to the popular family film Dusty and his friends once more reach new heights and learn what it means to be a true hero.
“Planes” has long touched down in the world of toys and licenses and inspires with an exciting large range of products. Figurines and playsets by MATTEL, soft toys by Simba Dickie and construction sets by LEGO Duplo – junior pilots take flight with Dusty and his team. In addition, many other dedicated products hit the market, including cool bags and creative sets by Undercover, exciting games and tricky jigsaw puzzles by Ravensburger, adventuresome outdoor items by Mondo, night lights by Philips and electronic toys by Vtech, amongst others.

Warner – New Games to Accompany the Hobbit

After the successful start of the movie “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Warner and well-known partners present games to the movie.
Kosmos launch a board game to the market that allows fans to continue the unexpected journey. In Mirkwood Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Wizard and the group of dwarves meet malicious spiders and have to escape hostile wood elves. But the most dangerous creature is the dragon Smaug. Who will win the fight: the players or the dragon?
However, there are not only games to the movie. Ravensburger has made it their business to produce puzzles to great movie adventures and provides 500 and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles in usual Ravensburger quality. There was be a lot to discover about the little Hobbit at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.


Telepool – Our Little Sandman is 55!


The Telepool team and all his fans and followers wish Our Little Sandman a happy 55th birthday in 2014. Every day millions of children are looking forward to the show of the Little Sandman and his loveable bedtime stories. On 22 November 1959 the Little Sandman made his debut on TV screens in East Germany. Although he started to air in the former GDR he has long become part of all-German TV history. Broadcast in three timeslots every day the Little Sandman and his friends tell short bedtime stories to preschool children all over Germany. Average rating figures of 1.5 to 1.6 million viewers per show confirm that for most families the little sleepy dust messenger is an integral part of their night-time ritual. Sandman and his friends are one of the TOP licenses in German-speaking countries. For years, many notable partners from different categories have been relying on the strength of this classic brand. Bed linen, soft toys and Advent calendars – the little messenger always cuts a fine figure. About 60 active licensees and 500 products cover the whole range of licensing.
But there also is a funny side to Telepool: The popular dwarves Bubi (Otto Waalkes), Cookie (Gustav Peter Wöhler), Sunny (Ralf Schmitz), Speedy (Martin Schneider), Tschako (Mirco Nontschev), Ralfie (Norbert Heisterkamp) and Cloudy (Boris Aljinovic) have their third movie adventure – and this time in a totally new look! Computer-animated dwarves set off in 3D to break the terrible curse that has been cast on beautiful Princess Rose in her castle. The movie is scheduled for release throughout Germany end of September 2014 and will be followed by 26 episodes on TV. And of course the hilarious dwarves hold enormous potential for the licensing market.

Euro Lizenzen – About Brave Indian Boys and Little Globetrotters

The animation series Mouk has been produced by the European production and distribution company Millimages and targets children aged 3 to 6. The series is comprised of 104 x 11 minutes episodes and made its German debut on 19 February 2014. Now it airs prime time Monday to Friday at 6:15 every evening on KiKA with regular reruns at 10:15 in the morning. The dialogues of this “edutainment” TV series are tailor-made for preschool children and thus easy to understand. Joint interests like friendship, fun, adventures and surprising discoveries unify Mouk and his target demographic. First products have already hit the market and would be showcased at the international Toy Fair in Nuremberg.
Yakari was one of the most successful children’s characters in 2013 and there is still no end in sight … Children and parents love the little, nature-loving Indian boy that has always new adventures together with his friend, the pony “Little Thunder”. Yakari can to talk to animals, which is sometimes of great help in tricky situations. While he copes with his adventures, Yakari’s totem “Great Eagle” is always keeping a watchful eye on the little boy. Children readily identify with Yakari and his adventures. You might suppose that Indian stories only appeal to boys. But Yakari proves that the reverse is also true. Boys and girls equally love the character and readily identify with Yakari. In 2013 Yakari made his debut as a musical star. When Yakari, Little Thunder, Rainbow and Double Teeth enter stage, the audience goes crazy. In 2013 more than 90,000 Yakari fans filled halls and theatres to watch the exciting adventures of the young Sioux hero and his friends – many of them dressed up as “Little Indians”. There is virtually no limit to product realizations to the popular animation character.


Tips and Events:

On 2 April 2014 the Day of Licenses organised by LIMA Germany takes place in Cologne. Many notable licensing agencies will introduce their latest acquisitions in short time slots. In the evening, participants have the opportunity to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of an informal dinner, to make new contacts and cultivate existing relationships. If there is any further information you need about this event, please do not hesitate to contact LIMA Germany.