Oregon Scientific (Germany) GmbH present their new Superman™ Products

Oregon Scientific - February 2006

Superman™ Learning Laptop SL 32 for boys aged 5 or up:

The Superman™ Learning Laptop Duo SL 32 The Superman™ Learning Laptop SL 32 is an absolute MUST for all superman-maniacs and those who want to be. With its Superman™ logo shape and amazing light effects, the laptop’s outsides already promise superman-like super-powers. The lid on the Superman™ laptop snaps open automatically when you wave a hand thanks to its internal super-power motion sensor. Just enter your mission code and Superman will set off. Powerful as he is, he guides young super-heroes through 60 bi-lingual learning games into the wonderful world of knowledge. Fun animation and a red LED display ensure continuous variation and tension. Little supermen will enjoy training their logic, mathematics and spelling skills playfully. What is more, the energetic Man of Steel teaches 30 English lessons, introducing the young to their first foreign vocabulary. The Superman™ Lerncomputer Duo SL 32 allows his fans to take their famous hero along – wherever they go.

The SL 32 costs € 49 (VAT included) and is available from midyear 2006 at specialized shops.

Superman™ Junior Laptop BJ 32 for boys aged 3 and up:

On the BJ 32 Superman involves little boys in amazing learning missions. Big, comfortable ABC buttons allow the littlest supermen to undertake their own expeditions through eight thrilling educational games. The BJ 32 helps develop essential pre-school skills like eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Fun animation, amazing sounds and a LED display will account for action and learning motivation.

The BJ 32 will be available from midyear 2006 at specialized shops and costs € 90.

Superman™ Superman™ Mini-Trainer KCS 32 for ages 5 and up:

Superman for everyone thanks to the new Superman™ Mini-Trainer KCS 32. Shaped like the Superman™-logo, the pocket-sized mini-trainer is small enough to be an everyday accessory for any Superman fan. Use the little karabiner to attach the LED display device to your trousers, your bag or key ring and enter the world of Superman wherever you are. Three thrilling games about memory, logic and mathematics challenge all super heroes. Do you dare trying?

The Mini-Trainer KCS 32 costs € 9,90 (VAT included) and will be available from midyear 2006 at specialized shops.