Beyblade Bursts Back Into Action With Ink ALC!

BRANDORA Editorial Staff - May 2016

Ink ALC is set to represent Beyblade – the spinning toy that evolved into one of the most successful boys’ properties of the last two decades.

The Beyblade toys and TV show took the world by storm when first released in 1999. The hugely popular animated series produced by d-rights, Inc. focused on a group of characters who form teams and do battle with one another using highly powerful spinning tops called ‘”Beyblades”. The Beyblade franchise was created by Tomy Company, Ltd. as a modern battling top system inspired by traditional Japanese battling tops called "Bei-Goma”. The property became a global phenomenon, inspiring seven series, two movies, and three spin-off series.

The latest incarnation – Beyblade Burst - offers a fresh take on the original show, with brand new storylines and characters, and a theme of real sports, competition and friendship that will increase accessibility for the brand’s core demographic of boys aged 6-11.

A new toy line from Hasbro will tie into the themes of the show, with spinning tops that burst apart on defeat - adding more excitement to battle play and setting the stage for suspenseful competition. The range will also include stadiums and accessories for kids to customize their battles, and the toys will include a digital component for a fully immersive gaming experience.

Sunrights Inc. manages the Beyblade Burst brand outside of Asia and has appointed Ink ALC to represent the brand in the Nordics, CEE and Russia/CIS across media, consumer products, promotions and publishing.

Having worked with Beyblade in the past we know what a strong and popular property it is,” says Ink ALC Director Claus Tomming, “Kids love the show and the new series is going to cause huge excitement and lead to significant merchandising opportunities. With Hasbro on board as master toy licensee the brand has a fantastic foundation and I’m sure we’ll be announcing on new deals very soon.

We are excited to rekindle the successful relationship with Ink ALC from prior Beyblade generations and watch the franchise expand in the Nordics, CEE and Russia/CIS with Beyblade Burst.” says Daizo Suzuki, president of Sunrights Inc.