Feline Glamourous as JDSC releases Pink Panther collection

CPLG Germany - February 2017

The German designer label “JDSC” (Jolina Dallas Sports Couture) has released a premium apparel collection featuring Pink Panther, in a collaboration brokered by CPLG. Available in selected retailers and online across Germany and Austria, the range targets both men and women features t-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, trousers and jackets across their winter and summer collections. Iconic, eye-catching, and guaranteed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer! Established in 1964, a star of both small screen animation as well as the movies the Pink Panther has become a true pop icon with his cool, hip, laid back style. Loved by both adults and children alike, he has been the inspiration behind prestigious fashion collaborations all over the world.

JDSC is a mid-to-high-end fashion and sportswear label who specialise in casual wear with elaborate embellishments produced in Italy and hand finished in Germany. The collection is also available via their online store www.jdsc.rocks where customers can buy finished product, as well as customized versions. Joachim Knödler, MD CPLG Germany stated: “We are very proud to launch a collaboration between the timeless Pink Panther brand and the innovative spirit of Jolina Dallas the results of which have led to a very cool and must-have collection.”

With decades of experience and the highest standards of quality and care, the family run business has developed a unique style that works equally as comfortably at home as in the office. Classic cut and design with a hint of glamour.

Jolina Dallas Sports Couture is timeless, casual and original.