Care Bear Gold-Dipped Roses: Steven Singer Jewelers Collaborates with Cloudco and Born to License


The product marks the Licensee’s first venture into licensing

Steven Singer Jewelers launched its first licensed product offering; a Care Bear branded 24 karat gold-dipped rainbow rose.

The jeweler, best known for their popular gold-dipped roses, has introduced the limited-edition version f($89) for sale across the U.S. online and through their store in Philadelphia, PA.

The branded rose is made of a real rose and real gold. Each rose is picked at the height of its beauty, disassembled, and then reassembled by hand to allow for the gold plating process.

This is Steven Singer Jewelers first venture into licensing, with plans to launch more licensed product like this throughout 2024 and beyond.

The licensing process has been managed by the team at Born to License on behalf of Steven Singer Jewelers. Born to License was responsible for identifying the most suitable license, negotiating the licensing terms, managing the approval process, and looking after all other licensing aspects.

Steven Singer, Owner of Steven Singer Jewelers, comments, “Entering the world of licensing is a thrilling new step for us, particularly with a partner like Care Bears. It’s an honor to be able to collaborate with such an iconic and beloved brand. Introducing collectible packaging for our signature 24kt Gold Dipped Roses has been a delightful first for us, and we love it.“

Robert Prinzo, Head of Global Licensing at Cloudco Entertainment, comments, “Partnering with Steven Singer Jewelers to launch the Care Bears™ 24k gold-dipped rose is a wonderful moment for our brand. With this collaboration, we’re focused on creating genuine, quality collector’s items that Care Bears fans old and new will appreciate and treasure.”

David Born, Founder and CEO of Born Licensing, comments, “We are super excited to see Steven Singer Jewelers enter the licensing space and we’re grateful to be given the important responsibility of ensuring that it’s a success. We’re confident that licensing will play a key part in their business as they continue to surprise and delight their customers”.