High Park Holdings Launches Licensed Mollo Brand CBG Infused Cannabis Beverages

14.3.2024 BRANDORA

Tilray Brands announced the expansion of its market-leading cannabis beverage portfolio with the latest release by its Mollo brand under a licensing agreement with High Park Holdings. The cannabis-infused non-alcoholic seltzers featuring high cannabigerol (“CBG”) and minor cannabinoid content, reminiscent of low=-alcohol beverages.

Last year, Mollo launched a few new additions to its original lineup of refreshing non-alcoholic lagers including Mollo 5 and Mollo 101 beverages, along with its new fan favourite non-alcoholic cannabis-infused apple cider beverage, ORCHARD CHILL’R™, featuring a balance of THC and CBG. As one of the first cannabis beverage brands to the market2 post-legalization and fresh into cannabis 2.0 products, Mollo has gained recognition for its unique and differentiated offerings that consumers know and love and has become one of the most overt social occasion brands embodying what it means to enjoy a moment to ‘chill’, outside of life’s busy days.

As a familiar format, consumers have begun to integrate more cannabis beverages into their consumption rituals and occasions, and the requests for lower sugar content along with new flavour options, have become more desirable for sessionability.

Known to be a popular beverage category even outside of the cannabis landscape, Seltzers now represent 25% of trending cannabis beverage unit sales and continue to grow year after year. With Mollo’s new release, the brand offers a new spin on seltzers and an elevated way to consume. While there are a few cannabis-style seltzers currently available in the market, Mollo Seltzers add more benefits that appeal to avid cannabis consumers looking for alternative ways to enjoy the effects offered by cannabis-infused beverages.

Produced with the consumer experience in mind, Mollo Seltzers are currently the only cannabis-infused seltzer style beverage in the Canadian market to primarily focus on minor cannabinoids and higher CBG content with its 2:1 ratio of CBG:THC versus 1:1 focused beverages, making them the perfect social beverage to grab and go, for any occasion.

Best sipped slow, each new Mollo Seltzer contains 10mg of high-purity THC formulated with nano-emulsified cannabinoids without any cannabis aftertaste, zero sugar, zero calories, and three fantastic natural flavours, along with its CBG sidekick of 20mg, all in a sleek 355mL can.

Mollo’s new seltzers include 3 thirst-quenching flavours:

  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Lemon