World's Most Favorite Entertainment Brands


Marvel tops the list followed by Disney and Lego, according to The BrandTrends Group.

BrandTrends Group CEO, Philippe Guinaudeau, charts a course for marketers in the ever-evolving Licensing industry, grounded in robust global research. Conducted across 40 countries, with about 70,000 respondents interviewed and reviewing several thousand brands, this research provides a robust foundation for the strategic directions outlined.

In a world where the winds of change in consumer preferences are reshaping the entertainment landscape, marketing directors in the Licensing Industry are urged to embark on a strategic journey. Philippe Guinaudeau, CEO of BrandTrends Group, offers insights and guidance on navigating the nuanced future of the industry, all underpinned by a comprehensive global research initiative.

Marvel, a timeless favorite, claims the lead, closely trailed by Disney and LEGO, transcending borders and captivating young imaginations globally. These brands signify not only popularity but also a shared cultural experience among children worldwide.

Barbie’s steadfast presence right behind reinforces its enduring charm. The elite 10 also showcases Spider-Man, Roblox, Minecraft, Paw Patrol, Pokemon, and Frozen, providing a comprehensive glimpse into the brands dominating the global market.

While superheroes retain global prominence, regional nuances emerge. Surprisingly, superheroes don’t clinch a top-three position in Asia, signaling shifting preferences. Notably, Marvel takes a backseat among girls, securing the fourth spot globally and conspicuously absent among girls aged 0 to 6.

The superhero narrative, although still influential, undergoes a transformation. The relentless production pace, particularly within the Marvel Universe and DC Comics, contributes to a decline in the popularity of these iconic figures. Amidst this shift, Spider-Man stands out as an exception, steadily growing in popularity. This decline in superhero dominance mirrors a broader consumer desire for more diversified and immersive entertainment experiences.Superhero fatigue calls for the desire for diversification.

The entertainment realm is undergoing a profound transformation, witnessing a perceptible fatigue among consumers, particularly in the oversaturation of superhero films. Guinaudeau observes, “This decline signals a broader desire for diversified and immersive entertainment experiences.” As traditional powerhouses decline, it’s time for marketers to explore new avenues.

Videogames surge as entertainment powerhouses

A groundbreaking revelation from BrandTrends Group’s extensive global research points to the meteoric rise of video games, with Roblox and Mario Bros leading the charge. “Gaming partnerships aren’t just collaborations; they’re opportunities to create immersive brand experiences,” notes Guinaudeau. Marketers are encouraged to capitalize on this trend by forging exclusive in-game collaborations, turning products into virtual collectibles.

Streaming services and online content as marketing platforms

Guinaudeau directs marketers to view streaming platforms as not just content hubs but thriving spaces for brand visibility. “Success in the streaming era is about turning a trending show into a trending product,” he advises. Tailoring marketing strategies to match trending shows can bridge the gap between viewer engagement and consumer action.

Infant/Preschool brands: A playground for growth

While superhero fatigue affects older demographics, the Infant/Preschool category experiences significant growth. Guinaudeau encourages marketers to rethink marketing for preschool IPs, making them universally appealing. “Create merchandise and campaigns that resonate with all ages,” he suggests. The challenge is to make preschool brands trendsetters for everyone.

Enduring appeal of books in the digital age

Even as the digital surge continues, books, epitomized by the timeless allure of Harry Potter, maintain a steady interest. Licensees are advised to strengthen their online presence, adapting to evolving consumer preferences. “The enduring power of storytelling prevails,” says Guinaudeau.

Strategic paths in the moving landscape

BrandTrends Group proposes four strategic directions, all rooted in the findings of their extensive global research:

  1. Forge exclusive in-game collaborations: Establish partnerships with influential gaming franchises for unique virtual experiences.
  2. Align product development with streaming content: Seamlessly integrate product development with popular streaming shows for effective marketing.
  3. Reimagine Preschool IPs for broader appeal: Develop merchandise and marketing strategies appealing to a wider age range.
  4. Empower content creators for continuous innovation: Encourage creators to generate new, creative content and fresh storytelling ideas. Recognize the public’s craving for both novelty and comfort.

In conclusion, as Guinaudeau asserts, “We’re not just following trends; we’re steering the ship.” Marketers are urged to set sail, creating experiences, not just products, to navigate the changing tides and emerge as leaders in the dynamic Licensing Industry.